Dale Vince launches a green budget to tackle the cost-of-living crisis

“This alternative green budget could help end the cost -of- living crisis and would save the nation over £10 billion per year on our energy bills.” 

These steps will unleash significant growth in our economy and reductions in our energy bills. With a net cost of zero – that’s my idea of net zero.

As the Chancellor prepares to unveil his last budget before the General Election, Green Industrialist Dale Vince launches a package of simple cost-free measures that would between them save the nation over £10 billion per year on our energy bills and thus help tackle the cost -of- living crisis.

Green Budget headlines

  • 1. Lift the ban on onshore wind – saving £16.3 billion over next ten years on the nation’s energy bills.

  • 2. Reinstate the zero carbon standard for new home building – saving £9 billion over the next ten years on the nation’s energy bills, just from new homes.

  • 3. Cap the price of North Sea gas – as we have with retail energy bills, this would save consumers £60 billion over the next ten years.

  • 4. Break the link between gas prices and electricity – saving the nation £50 billion over the next ten years.

  • 5. Launch a national program for Energy Independent homes – which will produce 25% of the green energy we need to get to 100% green energy (with no grid delays) and lower home energy bills by £1500 per year.

  • 6.  We can fund the energy independence national programme – by transitioning subsidies away from fossil fuels (currently £16 billion per year) to this program over a 5 year period.  

The first four of these policies will knock over £10 billion a year off our energy bills and we need no public money to achieve this. 

The Energy Independent homes program can be funded by repurposing the £16m per year we spend on fossil fuel subsidies. 

 The first five years of this transition will pay for the entire Energy Independent homes program and the second five years will see the nation £80 billion in credit through saved subsidies alone – not allowing for the GDP and job growth and general economic stimulus of knocking £10 billion a year off of our energy bills.  

“I expect nothing on the green economy from this budget and this government. They’ve turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the incredible opportunity we have for national economic regeneration – and the opportunity to decisively tackle the cost of living crisis. 

“We can nail our energy bills to the floor, permanently, by pursuing these simple cost free measures. We can grow our economy and create hundreds of thousands of good new jobs. You have to wonder why, with all this on offer the Government  simply prefers the status quo.”